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About The Beehive

What is the mission of the Beehive?
The Beehive (www.thebeehive.org) was built to connect low-income people to user-friendly information and resources that improve their standard of living, make informed choices and build assets.

What kind of information and resources are available?
Global, national and local content is provided in the areas of money, health, jobs and education. One Economy works with partners in select markets to create Beehive content that connects residents to locally-specific resources.

Tools include:
Budget Builder
Career Coach
Tax Tool
Entrepreneur Center
Homework Help
Financial Coach

Other specific features include:
• Enhanced support for multiple languages
• A Resource Locator tool that enables users to identify relevant local sources for further information and assistance
• Blogs where users can comment and “ask the expert”

Who is the Beehive for?
The Beehive provides dynamic content for low-income people.
• Content is written at a 6th grade literacy level.
• Content is available in multiple languages.
• Content is culturally and community specific.

Since the launch of the Beehive in 2001, the site has been visited by millions of people. One Economy has developed more than 45 localized Beehives across the globe.

Who makes the Beehive?
One Economy Corporation, a global nonprofit organization based in Washington, D.C., created the Beehive. The Beehive is part of the Public Internet Channel Network (www.thebeehive.org), a next-generation, public-purpose online network. Everything on the Public Internet Channel is relevant, current, accessible, and, whenever possible, local – always with a clearly-defined public purpose.